The Hackworth Family | Iwakuni Fall 2016

With my crazy traveling schedule during November I'm so glad that the rain held out until this session done!

This family might be one of the most easiest clients ever, not to mention they are beautiful too!

Here are some images from The Hackworths' session :)


Aulia & Guntur | Prewedding Session in Bali, Indonesia

Aulia has booked three months before my visit to my home country, Indonesia. Our original location was in Jakarta, but then Aulia changed her mind when she knew I'll be in Bali for 10 days.

We did their session at three different locations: Aftertaste Coffee & Breakfast (a cute little brunch restaurant owned by my cousin, which actually the decision to choose this location was a last minute thing :) thanks to my dear cousin and her husband), Pandawa Beach, and a random Balinese door (I asked them to do few shots here - I meant, you can find the cafes and the beaches anywhere, but that Balinese door only available in Bali).

Below are only FEW  (from tons) pictures I got for Aulia & Guntur's session.

Aren't they gorgeous??? Those were taken at the Aftertaste Coffee & Breakfast. Now onto those in Pandawa Beach, shall we?!

Yep, be jealous! :) And finally, the last few shots from our last **random** location.. :)

I really can't choose my fav (there are more pictures that I don't post here, btw!), and now you know why! :) 

Anyway, I hope you like them as much as I do!

Matur suksma!***


***Matur suksma means THANK YOU in Balinese language

MUA: Vivi Make-Up & Hair Do
Aulia's dress at the beach: Belsbee

Luca is ONE | Smashcake Session

Ooh... I had so much fun working with Luca! 

He is a cute and happy baby! And man did he know how to smash the cake! LOL

Below are sneakpeeks from Luca's session. I believe Mom and Dad have difficulties to choose their fav images! :)


.:. Pretty and delicious cake by The Biddy Girl Boutique

And we did more after Luca took a break.. ;)

Btw, I didn't pose those tiny legs. Luca did it by himself. So cute!!! 

Btw, I didn't pose those tiny legs. Luca did it by himself. So cute!!! 

Ms. Goji | Newborn Feline

My very first experience taking picture of newborn.. errr.. I mean kitten :)

Ms. Goji was pretty amazing. She's just chilled after I wrapped her. She's super wide awake, so no sleep baby (eh kitten) pictures here, tho. Hehe.

All fabrics I use for kittens are prop destash from my newborn sessions. Hence no kitten fabrics/wrappers are going to be used for human babies, unless I have two stocks of a same item.

And a quick snap with her 'siblings'. LOL

Hana & Maya Uedoi | Newborn Twins

This is my first twins session, and I LOVED it so much!

Hana-chan and Maya-chan weren't technically newborns when I took their pictures as they were about 7 weeks old. But since they are twins, even they're 7 weeks old, their weights were as same as those big newborns.

Here are some of their pictures! 

Here's a quick fun picture before we started the session. They were wide awake! :)

The cutest!!!

The cutest!!!

Nina Stewart | Newborn

I'm a bit behind from blogging as I have so many things on my plate lately, plus I sprained my ankle about three weeks ago and still recovery for it. Some of my friends kept saying that I injured because of my art. LOL

Anyway, Ms. Nina was 6 days old when I took her newborn pictures. Look at some cute pictures of her below!

And of course my fav part of a newborn session, baby details...! 

The Viking-Inspired Shoot

A week ago, Tasha, one of my fellow photographers here in Iwakuni, contacted me to work together for her latest glamour shoot with Viking as its inspiration.

I was instantly saying yes when she told me about this. I was excited as I LOVE conceptual/glamor shots, and I haven't done it in a while.

Below are some behind the scenes from our shot last Friday.

The workflow/set ups

The workflow/set ups

Our simple lighting.

Our simple lighting.

The amazing MUA (Caitlyn Shaw) and the brilliant hairstylist (Tiffany Cassey) were working on our talented model, Aristia.

The amazing MUA (Caitlyn Shaw) and the brilliant hairstylist (Tiffany Cassey) were working on our talented model, Aristia.

Tasha, the mastermind, was trying to figure out the lighting. LOL

Tasha, the mastermind, was trying to figure out the lighting. LOL

Got this pic of Tasha and Aristia in between shots. LOL

Got this pic of Tasha and Aristia in between shots. LOL

I enjoyed this session a lot. I definitely had an amazing time discussing about lighting with Tasha -- which only photographers can understand why it's so exciting. LOL

Can't wait to do more conceptual-glamor shots with Tasha.

Here are few photographs of Aristia that I took during the session. Isn't she an amazing model???! She really should considers doing modeling as her career :) And can you believe that she has two kids and the youngest is one year old? GAH! Some women are blessed with great metabolism. LOL

Anyway, check more photographs of Aristia on Tasha's page, here!


The Brickmans | Cherry Blossom 2016

OH MY GOD! That's all I wanted to say about this family's session. I felt so bad as my clients today (including me) got stuck at the traffic! It seems all people in Japan went to Kintai today. It took me almost 1,5 hrs to get to Kintai, which normally only 15-20 minutes.

But anyway, I'm glad they made it! Although.. I'm still can't believe that Carol forgot to put the right shoes on Leah as she wore flip flop today, hence I asked her to pose without the sandals a couple times. HUFH! Lol

Here are some shots from The Brickmans' session today.

The Schmidts | Cherry Blossom 2016

This was the first session of my Cherry Blossom's session 2016. Their original date was supposed to be tomorrow, but duty called hence they needed to change the date. But it worked well.

Here are some of my faves from their session.

PS: I love love love the fact that the kiddos really know how to pose now! :)

And this "Mommy and Me" moment might be one of my fave images ever! Color or BW, I can't decide as I love them both!

Jessica | Headshot

Howdy! How are you all! It's been a while since my last blog (and my last session!). I'm still here, but I've been so insanely busy, not from taking pictures, but from working for my other two growing companies back in my country, Indonesia.

Anyway, here are some images of Jessica's headshot that I took a couple days after I got back from Indonesia. I really enjoyed this session and loved the images so much. Isn't she stunning?!