Anna's Senior Session

Gosh.. I really really need to blog my works!

Like, where are those beautiful pictures from my sessions in Japan and South Korea on Spring 2018? I might going to blog them soon, but first thing first, Anna’s senior session in downtown Bremerton!

A Dog & Two Cats' Pictures | Winter 2017

Because my husband loves his cats so much, on Thanksgiving weekend last week, we drove 4 hours to my in-laws in Oregon with our two cats, Koko & Kiko. It was an interesting driving for sure. LOL

Another reason we could bring Koko & Kiko was because Emily, my parents in-law's dog, seemed get along well together, umh sort of.

On that trip, I (obviously) brought my camera, plus the Christmas session' props! And me being a photographer, seeing a great 'backdrop' available at my parents in-law's back yard, and having two cats and one dog around, I was like, "Hey, let's do the dog and the cats' pictures!".

I mean, Emily's pictures would be a great surprise gift for my parents in-law, and it doesn't hurt to have more pictures of Koko and Kiko.

The set up! I was thinking this setting would be an amazing backdrop for Emily, Koko, and Kiko's individual pictures. 

The set up! I was thinking this setting would be an amazing backdrop for Emily, Koko, and Kiko's individual pictures. 

I know having pictures of cats are difficult, yet possible. And taking dogs pictures, c'mon it's easy peasy lemon squeezy, I did that dozen times.

Well.. I was wrong, big time! 

Koko and Kiko weren't cooperative, at all. And Emily.. She hated it. LOL

Thanks to Brian for helping me during this photoshoot! LOL

Thanks to Brian for helping me during this photoshoot! LOL

And 47 clicks later.. I only got two descent pictures below. Both are Kiko's pictures.

Still not great pictures of Kiko, but at least she's looking at me, or slightly looking at me.

So how's everyone's holiday pictures? I hope they are all better than Koko, Kiko, and Emily's pictures. :)


The Freed Family | Summer 2017

And here you go, another favorite client of mine, the Freed family.

Look at these beautiful pictures of them below...


The Napitupulu Family | Summer 2017

I'm loving this session with this family! 

The client, and the location, Point Defiance Rose Garden, were all are just perfect and beautiful. You all really need to have a photosession (with me, obviously. LOL) in this location next year.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures!


The Wright Family | Summer 2017

The Wright family's basically my very first client since I moved back to Bremerton on April 2017.

But with a lot of things to do around, plus the rebranding of this photography business of mine, I'm blogging just now.

Anyway, below are some pictures from the Wright family. These were taken at the Scenic Beach State Park.

Don't they look gorgeous, esp ehheemmm.. Cisco?


Iwakuni, THANK YOU! | Cherry Blossom 2017

Our time in Japan has finally come to an end!
It's been an amazing four years here in Japan (Iwakuni) - I guess we are having fun here! 

Iwakuni means a lot for me! 

It's the place where I got many new American friends; it's the place where I met some amazing Indonesian friends, who are now being my best friends; it's the place where I started my photography business, and a few other businesses; it's the place where I learned so much about life. Iwakuni has a special place in my heart, for sure.

Anyway, a couple weeks before we leave Iwakuni, I did 16 photoshoots during the beautiful cherry blossom season. I know I'm crazy, hey? 

The tiny cherry blossoms from Mameka? :)

The tiny cherry blossoms from Mameka? :)

This year though, the cherry blossoms weren't at their best. They came out late, weren't blooming in the same time, and we got so much rain - which a big no no for the cherry blossoms as they are fragile! I needed to reschedule a looot of clients (note: find a photographer who is flexible for your cherry blossom session, like.. **cough cough** me! :) )

But it's all done. I've finished the editing and have delivered all clients' gallery within 2,5 weeks! It felt.. AH--MAAAZING! :)



I'm going to miss the Kintai bridge's 100 flavor ice cream! :)

I'm going to miss the Kintai bridge's 100 flavor ice cream! :)

On this post, I'd love to thank to all my amazing clients - who mostly become my good friends! 

cherry blossom 2017

THANK YOU so much for your support for the last 3,5 years, and I apologize if I have any mistake or not being the best photographer for you.

You guys have no idea how your support means A LOT to me! I hope our paths will cross again in the future.

Iwakuni, see you next year! Wait.. SAY WHAT? Yes, I'm planning to be in Iwakuni every cherry blossom season. So.. Who want to get the cherry blossom pictures on 2018 with me?? :)

Nizar, Brian, Koko, Kiko :)

The Patterson Family | Cherry Blossom 2017

I was so excited when Anie told me that they wanted to do their spring photoshoot in Miyajima! I mean, Miyajima is definitely a gorgeous backdrop for pictures!

I was lucky to be able to photograph this family with the famous floating Tori gate without people around. Miyajima wasn't crowded yet when we got there, which totally different an hour later... It was packed!


The Shaw Family | Cherry Blossom 2017

I always HAD a great time working with Ben, Caitlyn, and Carmen! 

Ben always listened and followed my 'artistic' thoughts on their sessions; Caitlyn has been a wonderful friend (and a great supporter).. I'm going to miss you, lady!; and Carmen was just always happy and easy to work with.

Here are few pictures of their session with me...

The Craig Family | Cherry Blossom 2017

I've photographed Lilian and Jason at the 242 Officers Pre Ball Party for the last three years. They are such a nice couple.
And I'm glad I was able to photograph them once again (now with their children) before they leave Iwakuni next month! 

Below are few images from their session.

Good luck for the Craig family, I do hope our path will cross again someday! :)