Ms. Goji | Newborn Feline

My very first experience taking picture of newborn.. errr.. I mean kitten :)

Ms. Goji was pretty amazing. She's just chilled after I wrapped her. She's super wide awake, so no sleep baby (eh kitten) pictures here, tho. Hehe.

All fabrics I use for kittens are prop destash from my newborn sessions. Hence no kitten fabrics/wrappers are going to be used for human babies, unless I have two stocks of a same item.

And a quick snap with her 'siblings'. LOL

Hana & Maya Uedoi | Newborn Twins

This is my first twins session, and I LOVED it so much!

Hana-chan and Maya-chan weren't technically newborns when I took their pictures as they were about 7 weeks old. But since they are twins, even they're 7 weeks old, their weights were as same as those big newborns.

Here are some of their pictures! 

Here's a quick fun picture before we started the session. They were wide awake! :)

The cutest!!!

The cutest!!!

Ms. DeSantis' | Newborn

I've been insanely busy lately hence I really didn't take my time for blogging. Well, I'm back and trying my best to blog again. Which reminds me I have million pictures of my traveling, too! *sigh*


I had a chance to photograph baby DeSantis few weeks ago. These pictures were taken at her house, yep I definitely can come to your house! :)

Ms. Sophia was soooo good during her session! She definitely was one of the best little clients ever.

Here are some of my faves!

The Oehrlein Family | Newborn

The Oehrlein's is one of my favorite families in Iwakuni.  I'm friends with Amanda and Lili is sort of my little bff :)

I loved everything we had in this session. Sam, the little dude, himself was so easy to work with. I was so excited when Amanda and I talked about the concept of this session, which one of the set-ups should be to incorporate Nate's job as a flight surgeon.

I've googled here and there to find inspirations (who doesn't, eh? :), and I can say that this might be the first flight surgeon's theme for a newborn set up on the internet ;)

Anyway, here are some of the parents' favorite pictures from Sam's session.