The Schmidts | Cherry Blossom 2016

This was the first session of my Cherry Blossom's session 2016. Their original date was supposed to be tomorrow, but duty called hence they needed to change the date. But it worked well.

Here are some of my faves from their session.

PS: I love love love the fact that the kiddos really know how to pose now! :)

And this "Mommy and Me" moment might be one of my fave images ever! Color or BW, I can't decide as I love them both!

The Litvins | Couples

Actually, Ashleigh booked this session for the cherry blossom season, but being part of a military family it's not a surprise that Ashleigh needed to reschedule this session as Rob was away.

Well, they finally had their session this Fall, yep.. two seasons later :)

This session also was the last session they had in Iwakuni as they are back in the States now.

I wish them nothing but the best! 

Here are some of my fav from their session! :)


Ms. DeSantis' | Newborn

I've been insanely busy lately hence I really didn't take my time for blogging. Well, I'm back and trying my best to blog again. Which reminds me I have million pictures of my traveling, too! *sigh*


I had a chance to photograph baby DeSantis few weeks ago. These pictures were taken at her house, yep I definitely can come to your house! :)

Ms. Sophia was soooo good during her session! She definitely was one of the best little clients ever.

Here are some of my faves!

The Chavez Family | Maternity

We met at my home studio prior this maternity session: We discussed the concept, location, outfit, and some cute tiny props. I loved the fact that both Gabriel & Rachel knew what they wanted for their maternity session (and their newborn session), and have prepared everything for the session.

Despite the heat and the humidity, this session was absolutely amazing!

Can't wait to see Ms. Amilia this coming September!

Anyway, here are some pictures of THEIR favorites (yes, I asked them to choose their faves for this blog post), and also few of my favorites :)



PS: For my clients (and future clients), feel free to gather some ideas. Viewed Pinterest! Do you know what you want? This way, later you can elaborate your ideas with your photographer's vision. It will definitely create a great session following with great pictures.

Megan & Michael | A day in Hiroshima

I have no words for this session. It's one of amazing sessions I've ever had.
The weather, the location, the outfit, Megan & Michael themselves, everything was just perfect!

The session was taken at Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art and Hiroshima Station. My first visit to Hiroshima MOCA was with my cousin, and I kept talking to myself that this is a perfect place for photo sessions. There's one particular shoot that I really wanted to try, sadly it's already closed when we got there, but of course surrounding area was still a great place for pictures :)

I had difficulties to post my faves since I literally loved all the pictures of them. But here ya go, some of those amazing pictures of Megan & Michael.


Pavlicek | Father-Daughter Tea Party

I supposed to have this military father and daughter tea party session on May, but it didn't happen because of I've been busy with re-branding and preparing lots of stuff for the wedding expo on September.

I felt so guilty to Monica since she's been waiting for me to have this session for her husband and her daughter, Haylen, for the Father's day gift.

Long story short, I offered this session to Monica after the Father's day. I mean, better late then never, right?

Here are some of my faves from Daddy & Haylen's session.