Sastri & Rio | Lamaran

I've known Sastri for about 7 years. We first met at one of Indonesian traveling communities, she was at the college that time, and now.. 7 years later, Sastri has her dream job, an aspiring travel journalist :)

Last Saturday, I had a pleasure to capture her "lamaran" day. It's a pretty day; Sastri, Rio (Sastri's fiance), and their family looked happy, and I definitely could feel the love around :)

Lamaran Nikah is literally translated marriage proposal. In Indonesia, a marriage proposal is not only between the man and the woman; it includes their both whole big family. The day of the marriage proposal, two family meet (usually at the soon-to-be bride's house), and introduce each person in the family, either they are attend the proposal or not. After introduce each other, the soon-to-be groom will ask formally to the soon-to-be bride (and her parents) whether she accepts his offer to marry him or not. Most likely at this point the soon-to-be bride will say YES! In lamaran, both family have set the time of tunangan (the engagement day) and the wedding day.

Here are sneakpeek of Sastri & Rio's portraits on their Lamaran Day..

Loving the make up!

Loving the make up!

This is the time when Sastri finally said, "Ok now I'm nervous.." LOL

This is the time when Sastri finally said, "Ok now I'm nervous.."

Few portraits of both Sastri & Rio...

Don't they look lovely in their Javanese attire??

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind." - William Shakespeare

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind."
- William Shakespeare

I'm so sad that I won't be able to attend their wedding day, yet I hope everything goes well until their big day!


Aulia & Guntur | Prewedding Session in Bali, Indonesia

Aulia has booked three months before my visit to my home country, Indonesia. Our original location was in Jakarta, but then Aulia changed her mind when she knew I'll be in Bali for 10 days.

We did their session at three different locations: Aftertaste Coffee & Breakfast (a cute little brunch restaurant owned by my cousin, which actually the decision to choose this location was a last minute thing :) thanks to my dear cousin and her husband), Pandawa Beach, and a random Balinese door (I asked them to do few shots here - I meant, you can find the cafes and the beaches anywhere, but that Balinese door only available in Bali).

Below are only FEW  (from tons) pictures I got for Aulia & Guntur's session.

Aren't they gorgeous??? Those were taken at the Aftertaste Coffee & Breakfast. Now onto those in Pandawa Beach, shall we?!

Yep, be jealous! :) And finally, the last few shots from our last **random** location.. :)

I really can't choose my fav (there are more pictures that I don't post here, btw!), and now you know why! :) 

Anyway, I hope you like them as much as I do!

Matur suksma!***


***Matur suksma means THANK YOU in Balinese language

MUA: Vivi Make-Up & Hair Do
Aulia's dress at the beach: Belsbee