Anna's Senior Session

Gosh.. I really really need to blog my works!

Like, where are those beautiful pictures from my sessions in Japan and South Korea on Spring 2018? I might going to blog them soon, but first thing first, Anna’s senior session in downtown Bremerton!

A Dog & Two Cats' Pictures | Winter 2017

Because my husband loves his cats so much, on Thanksgiving weekend last week, we drove 4 hours to my in-laws in Oregon with our two cats, Koko & Kiko. It was an interesting driving for sure. LOL

Another reason we could bring Koko & Kiko was because Emily, my parents in-law's dog, seemed get along well together, umh sort of.

On that trip, I (obviously) brought my camera, plus the Christmas session' props! And me being a photographer, seeing a great 'backdrop' available at my parents in-law's back yard, and having two cats and one dog around, I was like, "Hey, let's do the dog and the cats' pictures!".

I mean, Emily's pictures would be a great surprise gift for my parents in-law, and it doesn't hurt to have more pictures of Koko and Kiko.

The set up! I was thinking this setting would be an amazing backdrop for Emily, Koko, and Kiko's individual pictures. 

The set up! I was thinking this setting would be an amazing backdrop for Emily, Koko, and Kiko's individual pictures. 

I know having pictures of cats are difficult, yet possible. And taking dogs pictures, c'mon it's easy peasy lemon squeezy, I did that dozen times.

Well.. I was wrong, big time! 

Koko and Kiko weren't cooperative, at all. And Emily.. She hated it. LOL

Thanks to Brian for helping me during this photoshoot! LOL

Thanks to Brian for helping me during this photoshoot! LOL

And 47 clicks later.. I only got two descent pictures below. Both are Kiko's pictures.

Still not great pictures of Kiko, but at least she's looking at me, or slightly looking at me.

So how's everyone's holiday pictures? I hope they are all better than Koko, Kiko, and Emily's pictures. :)


The Freed Family | Summer 2017

And here you go, another favorite client of mine, the Freed family.

Look at these beautiful pictures of them below...


The Napitupulu Family | Summer 2017

I'm loving this session with this family! 

The client, and the location, Point Defiance Rose Garden, were all are just perfect and beautiful. You all really need to have a photosession (with me, obviously. LOL) in this location next year.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures!


The Wright Family | Summer 2017

The Wright family's basically my very first client since I moved back to Bremerton on April 2017.

But with a lot of things to do around, plus the rebranding of this photography business of mine, I'm blogging just now.

Anyway, below are some pictures from the Wright family. These were taken at the Scenic Beach State Park.

Don't they look gorgeous, esp ehheemmm.. Cisco?


Military Father & Daughter Tea Party - Well, Plus Mother & Children, too :)

Gosh, it's been three months since my last blog. My life has been.. let say.. hectic! :)

I have so much on my plate, from traveling, building and taking care my business back in Indonesia, and also our relocating - yep, we are coming back to the US the end of April.
***sad face***

Anyway, one of the things I wanted to do before I move back to the States is doing one of my favorite sessions, Military Father & Daughter Tea Party. I've been doing this since 2013, I didn't have this session in 2016 though due to someone (a photographer in the US) stealing and using a picture from my Tea Party sessions back in 2014 for her own profit. I was so mad, which made me not wanting to do this session anymore. I got my heart broken.

But I'm alive, life goes on, I need to move on.

Long story short I decided to have this Military Father & Daughter Tea Party sessions for the last time before I move back to the US.

Since I wanted this session to be well-prepared, I talked to Ashley from Summer Design Company who's a client, friend, and also a very talented home designer. Oh goodness, you need to see her house!

It was definitely a right decision to partner with Ashley as we had the same vision. 

Below are some images that were taken for our promo shoot.

Look at all these details. Aren't they beautiful?

Look at all these details. Aren't they beautiful?

And we had Ryan and Summer (Ashley's husband and daughter) as our models for our promo photoshoot. Here are few images from theirs.

We immediately launched the sessions after doing the promo shoot. Man was this session popular. It was sold out within a couple hours after we posted it in our local community group. I had no complaint for that! :)

So here are some images from our clients:

1. The Nelsons

USMC Alpha Dress
military father daughter tea party session

2. The Coons

military father daughter tea party session
Oh.. What a beautiful doll!

Oh.. What a beautiful doll!

3. The Chamberlains
How if the Dad's on duty? Well, the mother's definitely welcome! :)

mother and children sessions
This sweetheart is just sooo pretty!

This sweetheart is just sooo pretty!

4. The Rhineharts

military father daughter tea party photoshoot
military father daughter tea party

5. The Corrigans

navy father
military father daughter tea party photo

6. The Shipmans

Look at those eyes! :)

Look at those eyes! :)

marine father

7. The Hoffs
Last but not least, The Hoffs ladies. I had so much laugh during their session. Can you tell why? :)

tea party photoshoot
mother daughter pictures

Thank you so much for the clients above! It's been a pleasure to work with you all. I hope these moments and images will be treasured forever. Don't forget to print and to hang them on display! ;)

And I'm so sorry for those who couldn't be part of this session. My initial plan was to do more, likely a week before I leave Iwakuni, but I know my limit and really don't want to disappoint you all with super long delays of editing due to my relocating, so sadly I would not have any more Tea Party sessions. But hey, I will have this Military Father and Daughter Tea Party sessions again in the US, just keep your eyes on my Facebook page or this website, especially those who are in the Greater Seattle and surrounding areas :)


Aulia & Guntur | Prewedding Session in Bali, Indonesia

Aulia has booked three months before my visit to my home country, Indonesia. Our original location was in Jakarta, but then Aulia changed her mind when she knew I'll be in Bali for 10 days.

We did their session at three different locations: Aftertaste Coffee & Breakfast (a cute little brunch restaurant owned by my cousin, which actually the decision to choose this location was a last minute thing :) thanks to my dear cousin and her husband), Pandawa Beach, and a random Balinese door (I asked them to do few shots here - I meant, you can find the cafes and the beaches anywhere, but that Balinese door only available in Bali).

Below are only FEW  (from tons) pictures I got for Aulia & Guntur's session.

Aren't they gorgeous??? Those were taken at the Aftertaste Coffee & Breakfast. Now onto those in Pandawa Beach, shall we?!

Yep, be jealous! :) And finally, the last few shots from our last **random** location.. :)

I really can't choose my fav (there are more pictures that I don't post here, btw!), and now you know why! :) 

Anyway, I hope you like them as much as I do!

Matur suksma!***


***Matur suksma means THANK YOU in Balinese language

MUA: Vivi Make-Up & Hair Do
Aulia's dress at the beach: Belsbee