The Napitupulu Family | Summer 2017

I'm loving this session with this family! 

The client, and the location, Point Defiance Rose Garden, were all are just perfect and beautiful. You all really need to have a photosession (with me, obviously. LOL) in this location next year.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures!


The Wright Family | Summer 2017

The Wright family's basically my very first client since I moved back to Bremerton on April 2017.

But with a lot of things to do around, plus the rebranding of this photography business of mine, I'm blogging just now.

Anyway, below are some pictures from the Wright family. These were taken at the Scenic Beach State Park.

Don't they look gorgeous, esp ehheemmm.. Cisco?


Ryan Bronislaw Larsen II | Newborn

Since the Larsens chose Fresh48 session as their newborn package, so instead in-studio session, the shoot was taken at the hospital and at the nursery room.

Check some images from their session below.

Nine days later, I went to their house to take the lifestyle session. Oh, let me tell you about their house, it's amaaaaazing! It's clean, detail, and well-designed. 
I'm jealous! :)

So here are some pictures at the Larsens'..

Oh the grandparents! :)

I also did a quick snaps for Ms. Summer's room...

The Brickmans | Cherry Blossom 2016

OH MY GOD! That's all I wanted to say about this family's session. I felt so bad as my clients today (including me) got stuck at the traffic! It seems all people in Japan went to Kintai today. It took me almost 1,5 hrs to get to Kintai, which normally only 15-20 minutes.

But anyway, I'm glad they made it! Although.. I'm still can't believe that Carol forgot to put the right shoes on Leah as she wore flip flop today, hence I asked her to pose without the sandals a couple times. HUFH! Lol

Here are some shots from The Brickmans' session today.

The Schmidts | Cherry Blossom 2016

This was the first session of my Cherry Blossom's session 2016. Their original date was supposed to be tomorrow, but duty called hence they needed to change the date. But it worked well.

Here are some of my faves from their session.

PS: I love love love the fact that the kiddos really know how to pose now! :)

And this "Mommy and Me" moment might be one of my fave images ever! Color or BW, I can't decide as I love them both!