The Larsen Family | Cherry Blossom 2017

This session of Larsen might be my favorite outdoor family session to date, and you will know why if you keep reading it :)

When Ashley told me she wanted 'picnic' for her cherry blossom photoshoot, I was like, "SUUUURE!" 

I did excited; but with three sessions back to back that day, I frankly didn't pay much attention to what Ashley told me. My apologize, Ash :) My thought was, "Ok she will bring blanket, and a few 'accessories' as the photo props. Easy peasy!"

I didn't expect that she literally wanted to do the picnic. I mean the real picnic, with the real food, the real drink, and another real things! LOL
I should have known her better since I was partnering with her before, though! :) 

Look at all those 'props' she brought that day! LOL

Look at all those 'props' she brought that day! LOL

I kept telling her that she's 'crazy', and she kept saying she wanted to do the real picnic, you know.. hanami, that Japanese picnic under the sakura (cherry blossom) tree.

Oh beautiful...

Oh beautiful...

While Ashley's setting up everything, I took pictures and couldn't stop laughing, yet, once again, impressed with her creative-detail brain :) 

I divided this session into two parts: picnic time (more likely lifestyle shoot), and posing portrait.

I should say it's a very fun session! Well, I always had fun taking pictures of the Larsens. 

It's sad this was the last session I did for them here in Iwakuni, but I have a faith that our paths cross again someday! :)

Ashley, thank you so much for being a great client, a wonderful business partner, and an amazing friend! :)


Ms. Holly Smash Cake | The Cherry Blossom 2017

Oo la laaa.. Ms. Holly is my new fav baby in Iwakuni! :)

She's a very happy baby, and was so great in front of the camera - especially when she had the smash cake :)

It's sooo hard to choose which images to blog as everything was too cute!

Now onto the smash cake, shall we? 

Isn't she ADORABLE?! Seriously, if this post doesn't make your heart happy, then I don't what does.


Japan Prints

Are you looking a keepsake from Iwakuni or Japan (in general)? What about a print of Kintai Bridge with its sakura, or Kintai Bridge with its glorious fireworks, or Miyajima with its floating Torii gate, or Wisteria tunnel!

The size is only available in 16x24 (so it's big!). The print is lustre coating and double weight matboard.

The price is $89 (includes shipping), and it'll be shipped directly to your address!

To purchase, click below...

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Below is the collage of the Kintai & fireworks. It's sold individually - no collage.

fireworks kintai bridge japan

The Schuch's Ladies | Cherry Blossom 2017

My first session on the Cherry Blossom 2017 photoshoot marathon was with The Schuch's ladies. I had so much fun working with them! They were so easy to work with, and I'm definitely a fan of Molly.

Below are some of my faves of their session.

Btw, I'll add few images of this session next month, as they have a great news to share! :)
Now I can add more pictures, a month later! Yes, Ms. Schuch is now officially an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)! :)

PS: If you wonder why they have different cherry blossom blooms, it's because I did their photoshoot (and my other 6 clients) in two different days. Yes, as I offered a quick reshoot for those clients who didn't get pictures with the full bloom at their scheduled session, because who doesn't want to get the full bloom of cherry blossom in their pictures? :)


Military Father & Daughter Tea Party - Well, Plus Mother & Children, too :)

Gosh, it's been three months since my last blog. My life has been.. let say.. hectic! :)

I have so much on my plate, from traveling, building and taking care my business back in Indonesia, and also our relocating - yep, we are coming back to the US the end of April.
***sad face***

Anyway, one of the things I wanted to do before I move back to the States is doing one of my favorite sessions, Military Father & Daughter Tea Party. I've been doing this since 2013, I didn't have this session in 2016 though due to someone (a photographer in the US) stealing and using a picture from my Tea Party sessions back in 2014 for her own profit. I was so mad, which made me not wanting to do this session anymore. I got my heart broken.

But I'm alive, life goes on, I need to move on.

Long story short I decided to have this Military Father & Daughter Tea Party sessions for the last time before I move back to the US.

Since I wanted this session to be well-prepared, I talked to Ashley from Summer Design Company who's a client, friend, and also a very talented home designer. Oh goodness, you need to see her house!

It was definitely a right decision to partner with Ashley as we had the same vision. 

Below are some images that were taken for our promo shoot.

Look at all these details. Aren't they beautiful?

Look at all these details. Aren't they beautiful?

And we had Ryan and Summer (Ashley's husband and daughter) as our models for our promo photoshoot. Here are few images from theirs.

We immediately launched the sessions after doing the promo shoot. Man was this session popular. It was sold out within a couple hours after we posted it in our local community group. I had no complaint for that! :)

So here are some images from our clients:

1. The Nelsons

USMC Alpha Dress
military father daughter tea party session

2. The Coons

military father daughter tea party session
Oh.. What a beautiful doll!

Oh.. What a beautiful doll!

3. The Chamberlains
How if the Dad's on duty? Well, the mother's definitely welcome! :)

mother and children sessions
This sweetheart is just sooo pretty!

This sweetheart is just sooo pretty!

4. The Rhineharts

military father daughter tea party photoshoot
military father daughter tea party

5. The Corrigans

navy father
military father daughter tea party photo

6. The Shipmans

Look at those eyes! :)

Look at those eyes! :)

marine father

7. The Hoffs
Last but not least, The Hoffs ladies. I had so much laugh during their session. Can you tell why? :)

tea party photoshoot
mother daughter pictures

Thank you so much for the clients above! It's been a pleasure to work with you all. I hope these moments and images will be treasured forever. Don't forget to print and to hang them on display! ;)

And I'm so sorry for those who couldn't be part of this session. My initial plan was to do more, likely a week before I leave Iwakuni, but I know my limit and really don't want to disappoint you all with super long delays of editing due to my relocating, so sadly I would not have any more Tea Party sessions. But hey, I will have this Military Father and Daughter Tea Party sessions again in the US, just keep your eyes on my Facebook page or this website, especially those who are in the Greater Seattle and surrounding areas :)


Erin & Rena's Seiji No Hi

About three weeks ago, I got a direct message on my instagram from Erin. I was so excited once I knew that Erin (and her friend, Rena) wanted a photoshoot of their coming age of day, 成人の日 (Seijin No Hi), on January 9th in Hiroshima area.

I mean, taking pictures of two beautiful girls in their beautiful-colorful-expensive furisode kimonos? Heck yes! :)

Erin and Rena's Seijin Shiki (coming of age ceremony) was held in Hiroshima Sun Plaza (across Al Park Mall), but the photo session was taken at a cute japanese garden which actually was just next to the plaza.

Check some gorgeous pictures of Erin and Rena below! :)

I started with taking Rena's pictures, while Evany (whom I invited to join this shoot) took Erin's pictures.

And these are few from Erin's!

Gah... Aren't they gorgeous?! And their kimonos are just sooo.. pretty!!!

We, of course, did their both pictures!

And hi-five for officially being an adult! ;)

Thank you Erin, Rena, and Rena's parents! I had so much fun during this photoshoot (I know Evany loved this experience, too!), I hope you guys like the pictures, and I'm looking forward to meet you all back in west coast! :)


My Very Own Photoshoot | Muslim Pin-Up Photoshoot

"So Nizar, Nizaarrr.. Why you want to do this pin up shoot? What is your reason?", Tasha, a friend who's also a photographer of this project, asked this question while Caitlyn worked her magic on my face before the photoshoot.

Yes, so why? Why I want to do this pin up shoot?!

Well frankly, it's because I want to. As simple as that.

But yes, there are another reasons/thoughts, though.

Firstly, as a photographer who takes pin up (and boudoir) shots, everytime I'm behind my camera or editing the pictures, I always wonder if I can do the pin up photoshoot, in a modest way. I mean, can I do the pin up yet still be covered? Is it weird? I mean, have you seen any woman in hijab doing pin up?

Secondly, as a woman I always questioned whether I'm good enough to do the pin up (actually any) photoshoot. As I grew up in my home country, Indonesia, what mainstream considers as pretty is far from me. Look at me! I don't have flawless skin and it's too dark. I don't have perfect teeth. I don't have pointy nose. Moreover, I have excess fat. What kind of joke that a woman like me doing this kinda photoshoot, right?

And Thirdly, as a Muslim I always afraid that I will cross the line or I will offend other Muslim women if I'm doing this photoshoot. In Islam there's a word called 'tabarruj' (revealing the beauty to men who are not their husband), which is forbidden. It doesn't mean women can not put make up or being sexy; but women can be sexy only in front of their husband. Yes, I know it might sounds weird for those who are not Muslim, but it's part of the faith that I love and believe in.
(It'll need a different conversation if you want to talk further about this.  LOL)

As much as it's easy for me to do a photoshoot, those three things above kept me back and forth to do my pin up session.

Then about six months ago I decided to do this pin up shoot! 

I told myself if I can photographed people in any concept or any (even without) outfit, then I'm sure darn well I can be photographed in my own concept! I, too, don't care with my skin, my nose, my teeth, and my fat. Screw them! Not to mention, there's always a magic tool called Photoshop, right? :) And about being a Muslim, I believe it's all about intention. I'm doing this photoshoot not to attract any men. I'm doing this photoshoot for me, not for others, it is not even for my husband (Sorry Brian! You know I love you so very much, though!). This is my way to proof a saying that every God creatures is beautiful! Yes, this is for me :) 

So I started preparing the concept and the outfit for the shoot. I found this cheap $16 polka dot dress in one of China's retailer website with a thought that I won't feel bad if it's not fit on me. LOL When I saw the dress I already knew it'll look good with my red shoes.

It's July when I got the dress and basically everything's ready. But between I didn't want to do the shoot on Japan's summer and my traveling schedules, the shooting got pushed until winter --- and that's the best decision ever! :)

About one or two months ago, I went to Tasha and Caitlyn looking a help for this project of mine. I'm so glad they opened their arms to help me! Although, since Tasha is a super busy human and she needs her mojo everytime edit the pictures (LOL), I told her that she's the photographer yet I'll edit the pictures. 

Everything was easy and settled except for ONE thing, the hijab style! #firstworldproblem
Grrrrrr!!! I do think that looking the best hijab style was the most difficult thing on this project! For those who know me know how I don't like to wear 'complicated' hijab. The hijabs I wear are simple and (most of the time) cover my chest. So it took me a while to find the hijab style that I like, which I found, but later on the day of shooting I totally forgot how to wear it, hence I went to different style. LOL

Man was some poses are difficult! Hoaaah. Yet the shoot was so much fun! I LOVE working with my perfectionist Tasha, as that's mostly how I work when I do photoshoot for my clients :)

I might gave some awkward poses or mimics to Tasha, but whatever. It's done. And it's time for me to edit them.

While editing them, sometimes I stopped editing and stared on my screen. I still couldn't believe that I was editing my own pin up pictures!

I don't think I'm that bad in pictures, in fact I think I look pretty darn good on these pictures! I love my own pictures! And it's all matter! I'm not too dark, I'm not too Asian, and I'm not weird for this pin up pictures! Like what my friend, Jena, said, "Pin up is for everyone!"

So for all beautiful women out there, if you ever want to do a photoshoot (or whatever you want to do), yet you still think that you are fat, you are too dark or too pale, you are awkward in front of camera, you are not good enough. Forget those! Just do it! If I'm brave enough to do this modest pin up photoshoot, so are you! Just do whatever makes you happy. Because in the end, it's all about YOU! 

God creates everyone equally unique and beautiful. We, as humans, are the ones who need to bring that beauty out. Be smart, be kind, be confident, and let's that beauty shine!

Last but not least, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone! 


MUA: Caitlyn Shaw
Photographer: Tasha Acosta (pictures edited by me)
A huge thanks for the best husband in the world, Brian, who gives me the freedom to do whatever I want as long as I still cook for him :)
Thanks also Jena as one of my inspirations, and oh Zaneta for lending me the camera charger :)

The Martin Family | Newborn Lifestyle

It was raining the day we're shooting. I was worried that we wouldn't get good lighting inside the house. But man was I really glad the rain stopped, the sun shined, and we got some amazing natural light.

Here are few sneak peek from The Martins' session. Isn't Ms. Jade gorgeous??? Aaaahhh...

I also got a chance to took few pictures at Ms. Jade's nursery room. 

All pictures in this nursery room was taken with Fuji Film XT1 + Fujinon 23mm f/1.4. I'm pretty happy with the outcomes of my new 23mm lens! :)

Don't forget about Freddy, Jade's fur brother :) He's gorgeous and did amazing during the session, which maybe he was thinking that this session was for him. LOL

Oh, love me some gorgeous lifestyle sessions!!! <3

Last but not least, happy holidays for you all! Be safe and hope you all enjoy these wonderful times with your loved ones!


Ms. Paige Rogers | Newborn

I'm currently sitting to blog this session at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand. I finally get somewhat decent internet connection now after 8 days traveling in Thailand. So I apologize if I haven't replied your messages or emails.

Anyway, I've been wanting to share Ms. Paige's session since forever, but well.. the connection was killing me. LOL

So here you go, the sneak peek from Ms. Paige's. Isn't she adorable? :)