The Schuch's Ladies | Cherry Blossom 2017

My first session on the Cherry Blossom 2017 photoshoot marathon was with The Schuch's ladies. I had so much fun working with them! They were so easy to work with, and I'm definitely a fan of Molly.

Below are some of my faves of their session.

Btw, I'll add few images of this session next month, as they have a great news to share! :)
Now I can add more pictures, a month later! Yes, Ms. Schuch is now officially an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)! :)

PS: If you wonder why they have different cherry blossom blooms, it's because I did their photoshoot (and my other 6 clients) in two different days. Yes, as I offered a quick reshoot for those clients who didn't get pictures with the full bloom at their scheduled session, because who doesn't want to get the full bloom of cherry blossom in their pictures? :)