The Larsen Family | Cherry Blossom 2017

This session of Larsen might be my favorite outdoor family session to date, and you will know why if you keep reading it :)

When Ashley told me she wanted 'picnic' for her cherry blossom photoshoot, I was like, "SUUUURE!" 

I did excited; but with three sessions back to back that day, I frankly didn't pay much attention to what Ashley told me. My apologize, Ash :) My thought was, "Ok she will bring blanket, and a few 'accessories' as the photo props. Easy peasy!"

I didn't expect that she literally wanted to do the picnic. I mean the real picnic, with the real food, the real drink, and another real things! LOL
I should have known her better since I was partnering with her before, though! :) 

Look at all those 'props' she brought that day! LOL

Look at all those 'props' she brought that day! LOL

I kept telling her that she's 'crazy', and she kept saying she wanted to do the real picnic, you know.. hanami, that Japanese picnic under the sakura (cherry blossom) tree.

Oh beautiful...

Oh beautiful...

While Ashley's setting up everything, I took pictures and couldn't stop laughing, yet, once again, impressed with her creative-detail brain :) 

I divided this session into two parts: picnic time (more likely lifestyle shoot), and posing portrait.

I should say it's a very fun session! Well, I always had fun taking pictures of the Larsens. 

It's sad this was the last session I did for them here in Iwakuni, but I have a faith that our paths cross again someday! :)

Ashley, thank you so much for being a great client, a wonderful business partner, and an amazing friend! :)