Erin & Rena's Seiji No Hi

About three weeks ago, I got a direct message on my instagram from Erin. I was so excited once I knew that Erin (and her friend, Rena) wanted a photoshoot of their coming age of day, 成人の日 (Seijin No Hi), on January 9th in Hiroshima area.

I mean, taking pictures of two beautiful girls in their beautiful-colorful-expensive furisode kimonos? Heck yes! :)

Erin and Rena's Seijin Shiki (coming of age ceremony) was held in Hiroshima Sun Plaza (across Al Park Mall), but the photo session was taken at a cute japanese garden which actually was just next to the plaza.

Check some gorgeous pictures of Erin and Rena below! :)

I started with taking Rena's pictures, while Evany (whom I invited to join this shoot) took Erin's pictures.

And these are few from Erin's!

Gah... Aren't they gorgeous?! And their kimonos are just sooo.. pretty!!!

We, of course, did their both pictures!

And hi-five for officially being an adult! ;)

Thank you Erin, Rena, and Rena's parents! I had so much fun during this photoshoot (I know Evany loved this experience, too!), I hope you guys like the pictures, and I'm looking forward to meet you all back in west coast! :)