A Dog & Two Cats' Pictures | Winter 2017

Because my husband loves his cats so much, on Thanksgiving weekend last week, we drove 4 hours to my in-laws in Oregon with our two cats, Koko & Kiko. It was an interesting driving for sure. LOL

Another reason we could bring Koko & Kiko was because Emily, my parents in-law's dog, seemed get along well together, umh sort of.

On that trip, I (obviously) brought my camera, plus the Christmas session' props! And me being a photographer, seeing a great 'backdrop' available at my parents in-law's back yard, and having two cats and one dog around, I was like, "Hey, let's do the dog and the cats' pictures!".

I mean, Emily's pictures would be a great surprise gift for my parents in-law, and it doesn't hurt to have more pictures of Koko and Kiko.

The set up! I was thinking this setting would be an amazing backdrop for Emily, Koko, and Kiko's individual pictures. 

The set up! I was thinking this setting would be an amazing backdrop for Emily, Koko, and Kiko's individual pictures. 

I know having pictures of cats are difficult, yet possible. And taking dogs pictures, c'mon it's easy peasy lemon squeezy, I did that dozen times.

Well.. I was wrong, big time! 

Koko and Kiko weren't cooperative, at all. And Emily.. She hated it. LOL

Thanks to Brian for helping me during this photoshoot! LOL

Thanks to Brian for helping me during this photoshoot! LOL

And 47 clicks later.. I only got two descent pictures below. Both are Kiko's pictures.

Still not great pictures of Kiko, but at least she's looking at me, or slightly looking at me.

So how's everyone's holiday pictures? I hope they are all better than Koko, Kiko, and Emily's pictures. :)


Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016: Happy Holidays!!!

Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year.. Aaahh.. Holidays! The best time of the year!

So, how is your 2015? Those 2015 resolutions? I hope you accomplish your 2015 resolutions, and are ready for 2016.

If you ask how's my 2015, well it's been interesting. My 2015 is about traveling (lots of traveling), planning, and working.

This 2015 I finally have a website for Nizar Wogan Photography! I know, I know, it took forevaaah!

Yet I've decided to step back a little bit on my photography business. I decided to rebrand it. From the hardcore shoot and burn photographer to the somehow-in-person-sales photographer. It's not there yet as I don't think this business model will work quite well in Iwakuni.

Besides my business model, part of my rebranding is changing my image. From the regular portrait photographer to the engagement/wedding destination photographer. I meant, I love traveling and photography, so why not combine these two loves of mine, right? 

For this rebranding, I started as a vendor at the Bride Story. On September, I participated in one of the wedding exhibitions in Jakarta, Indonesia. I didn't expect anything, but I hope to gain recognition in the Indonesian wedding market, and at least a few new followers on Instagram. LOL

My road is still a long ways to reach my rebranding target, but I know I'm getting there sloooowly. This rebranding has been pretty exhausting.


Sorry for that long boring story. Now let's talk about these pictures below.

Like last year, I also planned to give the ornaments again for my Fall sessions' clients. But unlike last year, this year I tried my best to put the gift in a 'decent' packaging plus chocolates.

I've had the chocolates, the boxes, and the ribbons since November. So this gift most likely has been ready since this early December except.. for the ornaments. Sadly, I couldn't order the ornaments in November as my last session was December 2nd. I immediately ordered the ornaments once I delivered the pictures of my last session. I believe it's on December 5th, and on December 7th I got the notification from the company that my order shipped. I was happy as it should get to Iwakuni in approximately 7-10 days. Two weeks later, I had not received it yet. :( The tracking kept saying it's still in Kansas for the last ten days. I lost hope as I thought it will get here after Christmas, just like last year.

But I believe in unicorns! Yesterday my husband brought the ornaments home! I was thrilled! I spent my evening packing these gifts, which I really enjoyed.

This is just a very small gift from me to my clients, but I hope they know that I really appreciate their business, but more so our friendship.

I can feel that 2016 is going to be an awesome year! I'm so looking forward to 2016, I know my days will be filled with traveling and working :)

Cheers for the great year of 2015, and cheers for the amazing year of 2016!

Happy holidays and be safe, everyone!


PS: Since I still have so many boxes, I might make this kind of gift again for my Winter and Spring clients! ;)