The Kintai Bridge Fireworks

In Japan, summers = festivals = fireworks! I meant, amazing fireworks! The main event during summer is Obon (or Bon) Festival. For those who want travel to Japan, avoid any days during Obon Festival, as every place is insanely crowded, unless you like to be in crowd :)

The firework festival was actually a 'taikai' competition between companies and organizations that sponsored the event. In Japanese, they would announce how much was spent on each display and the name of the company as well as a little advertising before and after each bout of fireworks. (full article here) 

These pictures were taken during the Kintaikyo (Kintai Bridge) firework festival last night. It was nice seeing so many familiar faces at the Kintain yesterday, moreover it was nice taking pictures with my friend Carolyn, and another MCAS Iwakuni photographer, Oscar, from O2K Photography.

Hope you enjoy these pictures as I do!