HAPINEKO, Cat Cafe at Shibuya (Tokyo)

I've heard about this cat cafe in Japan since forever, and always wanted to go there. 

There are numerous cat cafes in Japan, which mostly in big cities. Tokyo itself has few cat cafes, and I know for sure that Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima also have them. Yet, even though we've been to Kyoto and Osaka (of course Hiroshima) more than three times, we always forgot to check any cat cafe in any of those cities.

This particular cat cafe, Hapineko, is in Shibuya area. It's located only five minutes by walk from the Shibuya St. (Hachi exit). We didn't have a plan at all to go to Hapineko as we were just looking a place to have lunch. Brian pointed the sign of the cafe to me, and I was like, "Please, can we go there?", and of course as the best husband's in the world, Brian said yes :)

Yep, I know the admission fee is sort of expensive :( We paid the 30 minutes one. Ah at least we got a new experience that we can share to others :) Our admission fee included soft drink and two small chocolate bars per person.

The place was clean, quite, and full of cuteness :) If not because its expensive admission fee, I might stay longer, like hours :)

Anyway, here are some pictures I took at Hapineko.

These cats didn't like us that much, as we simply had nothing to share. If you want to keep them around you, you definitely need to bribe them with their snack which you can buy in here. Oh, hung out with those cats definitely made me (especially Brian) miss our cats, Koko-chan & Kiko-chan! Looking forward to meet our fur babies tomorrow! 


PS: Brian might hates this idea, but I'm thinking to go to the bigger cat cafe in Shinjuku for our next trip to Tokyo :)