Snow at Mominoki

My friend's sister is currently visiting Iwakuni, and like MOST of people from tropical countries, one of her must-to-do list is seeing and touching the snow.

So a couple days ago we checked the snow at Mominoki, it's by Megahira. It took about 1,5 hours (maybe even less!) from Iwakuni to get Mominoki. The snow wasn't good enough for skiing or sledding, yet it's pretty good enough for pictures :)

We stayed there for less than an hour. Once my friend's sister had enough playing the snow, we drove back to Iwakuni. LOL

Sorry no landscape images, I didn't feel taking pictures of the landscape at that day! But here are some images of us :)

And.. I also had a chance to be in my camera's frame. Thanks to my friend who took my images perfectly!

Anyway, happy holidays and be safe, people!!


Pechka and Lights

Last weekend, my husband surprised me with a dinner at a Russian restaurant at Hiroshima. It was indeed a surprise for me as if you know my husband, he isn't really good in making any surprise. LOL

I've never had any Russian food (well except the Russian bakery as I'm a fan of  Piroshky Piroshky at Pike Market, Seattle), hence I can't say if Pechka serves authentic Russian food or not.

Anyway, Pechka isn't a fancy fine dining restaurant. It's a small and laid-back restaurant. They have pretty good choices of food, though. I was just excited to try new food there! 

I enjoyed the night with this dude.

These are the food we ordered: Pancake with cheese and mushroom, dumpling, pizza, mushroom soup, and tomato soup. My favorite was the pancake! It's sooo delicious! Sadly we needed to skip the pizza (eventhough we've ordered it, as turns out it had salami in it, which we can't eat.) But overall I liked the food! 

We paid about ¥5,500 for all these food plus our drinks (non-alcohol).

It's so easy to go to this place. From Hiroshima Station take the street car, and you want to stop at Kanayomacho station. It takes about five minutes walk from the Kanayomacho to this place.

And yes, I have the pin 34.3922108,132.4660471 :)

After had some delicious food, we decided to hit the Hiroshima Dreamination. We took the street car, and got off at the Fukuromachi station. It's about six stops from Kanayomacho station.

These are some pictures I took at the Dreamination. Make sure you wear warm clothes so you can enjoy walk around these lights :)