"Mameka?", A Delightful Tiny Cafe

I was introduced to Mameka? by my dear friend, Mie, almost two years ago. We (especially my husband) really love this place!

It's a tiny cute cafe located at the Monzen area. The food are made from fresh ingredients and cooked from scratch, hence expect some times to get your food.

Mameka? is a vegetarian friendly, with much of their menu are meatless. For you coffee lovers, they also have cappuccino and lattes! Yuumm! Their lunch set starts from ¥900 to ¥1,300! I forgot to take the picture of it, but I ALWAYS add their homemade bread to my set for only ¥80. 

Mameka? opens Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday at 08.00 to 17.00.
Sunday from 11.00 to 17.00.

Oh, Mameka? changes their menu weekly, which I really like. So don't expect you will get the same food on your next visit to Mameka?

Below are our sets!

Double Tall Cafe, Harajuku

Although I'm not a hardcore coffee drinker, I always love to visit and to try lattes in local coffee shops!

This Double Tall Cafe is located in the heart of Harajuku, Tokyo. It's right next to the Meiji-jinguame 'Harajuku' Station.

I really loved my latte! Delicious! Got a chance to know Kenta, one of the baristas of the Double Tall Cafe, too! Sadly I only took a few pictures during this visit. Well, there's a reason to make another visit, eh?

If you love coffee and happen to be in the Harajuku area, it's really worth it to make a stop to this coffee shop. Go check their website HERE

Keep calm and drink latte :)


The Whimsical Wisteria Tunnel

Kawachi Fuji Garden might be one of my favorite places in Japan. It's magical, whimsical.. just beautiful.

Two years ago, I did my first trip to this wisteria tunnel with my three friends. We left the Base at 4 a.m (yes, 4 a.m!). We arrived at the garden a little bit after 7 a.m. It was only four of us (plus an old man who worked there) at that time. I thought we needed to wait until 8 a.m, but the guard was letting us in. We got some amazing empty wisteria tunnel pictures that time.
Below are few photos of my friends and I from the 2014's visit.

Yesterday, I went there again with my other three friends... Plus their toddlers! Haha. My other three friends weren't sure about leaving the Base at 4 a.m, but I assured them it'll be worth it. We, of course, arrived there a little bit after 7 a.m - we took about 15 minutes break at the rest area, though. Unlike two years ago that they were letting us in earlier, this year we needed to wait until it's open. But, we still got the empty wisteria tunnel, too! It was raining too yesterday, yet it obviously didn't stop us for taking pictures and having fun :) The good thing about raining was no gigantic bees around us! Yay! :)

Below are some pictures I took yesterday. I hope you like them!

The combination of raining, a toddler, and a camera :)

I call this dedication :)

I call this dedication :)

Full team :)
There was an interesting story behind our group (without the kids) picture, btw! :D

If you are on Facebook, check also Shelley's facebook page, she got plenty awesome wisteria pictures from our trip yesterday!