Ogoh-Ogoh, Purification before Silence

As an Indonesian who often go to Bali, I've never experienced Ogoh-Ogoh and Nyepi (the Day of Silence) in Bali, until this March 2016.

I actually should leave Bali two days before the Silence day, but I immediately change my mind when I checked the calendar. Thanks to my hostel as it was easy to change my booking.

I arrived three days before Nyepi (the Silence day). I really could feel the atmosphere of this 'celebration'.

The day before Nyepi, it was kind of 'chaos', kind of. Everyone was busy doing grocery because no businesses are allowed to open during Nyepi. Well, basically not only businesses, but also people aren't allowed to go outside. They should just stay at home for meditating and praying.

Done with breakfast, I rode my scooter around the village. It's impossible to ride the scooter after 5 pm as they close the roads for Ogoh-Ogoh ceremony. Balinese usually prepare the puppets one or two months before the Ogoh-Ogoh day. My host said that the puppets used to be only Bali/Hindu traditional puppets, but now it's growing more 'international', they even had the telletubbies ones. LOL One of the reasons is they want the children enjoy the Ogoh-Ogoh, too.

It was super hot and humid day (well, it's Indonesia), after rode my scooter for about two hours and took few pictures, I went back to my room. Bless the air conditioner!

Around 5 pm, I walked to one of the temple that close from my hostel. Some people were still preparing for the Ogoh-Ogoh, and others just done praying at the temple and headed home.

It was cool seeing all the preparations, but it's even cooler when Ogoh-Ogoh started.

After every village did the perform, they were parade, and headed to a huge field to burn the puppets as the last segment of Ogoh-Ogoh. I believe Ogoh-Ogoh lasted until midnight (or even longer!), I went back at 10ish right before the parade.

The picture above was taken the next day after Nyepi. This was taken at 6 a.m. This street is one of the main streets in Ubud that ALWAYS busy daily. 

As an Indonesian who don't live in Bali, I'd say that I LOVE Nyepi Day. Can you imagine if every place in the world does Nyepi? Just one day, but it definitely reduces the pollution and save the power. Just one day.