Duy & Faiza | Urban Tokyo Session

I just realized that I haven't shared the images from one of my favorite sessions ever, like ever! :)

While the husband was meeting and learning from other jugglers at the annual Japan Juggling Festival, I as a photographer enjoyed Tokyo by taking pictures. So so many amazing and interesting subjects in Tokyo! Been there for four (or maybe five) times, but it just feels never enough. Maybe this is the sign that we need to go back to any US military Base in Japan, esp the one near Tokyo, ex: Yokota or Zama. LOL

Anyway, I met Duy and Faiza, who came from Fussa area, at the Harajuku station. As always, the area was insanely packed! 

After Faiza changed her outfit to a beautiful Saree, we headed to Meiji Shrine as our first location. Well, it's of course also crowded, we somehow managed to get some empty spots for pictures, though! :)

We just couldn't leave Harajuku without taking a few quick pictures at the Harajuku street, of course!!

We, then, moved to our second location...
The most famous crossing in the world, SHIBUYA CROSSING! Say whaaaaat???! :)

Before we took pictures, Faiza told me that they are going to do the Mari Cart after the photoshoot. They basically are going to drive a cart around Tokyo in a costume! Oh my!!
I of course begged to tag along with them to the Mari Cart place!

I mean.....

I mean.....

I'll blog about the Mari Cart later! You definitely don't want to miss it! :)

Anyway, it was such a fun day with Duy and Faiza! I hope they enjoyed their time with me, and most of all like their pictures! :)