I'm so excited to be offering one of my favorite products, the Organic Bloom frames. The Organic Bloom frames are unique, beautiful, exclusive, and all custom made in the USA! There are so many colors and shape to choose from. You will love these frames as much as I do as oh they are so beautiful, and I guarantee you will get compliments from your family and friends!

Few examples from the Organic Bloom

Few examples from the Organic Bloom

First, choose the frame shape. There are three frame shapes: single, double, and twin.

Second, choose the frame style. There are 16 different styles to choose from! 

organic bloom

Third, choose the color. I love Organic Bloom colors. They are vibrant yet feel organic.

It's always fun to mix and match the shapes and the colors! Different shapes and colors will make your images (on your organic bloom frames) eye-catching and stand out.

Shipping in the US has flat cost of a $15 for orders $100 or less, and $20 for orders more than $100.
Shipping cost to FPO/APO starts from $25. The order will be sent through USPS, ETA is 1-2 weeks.

This price is eligible to my past and present clients.
You will get 10% OFF if you order the Organic Bloom frames (PLUS your photo on 2 mm styrene board with lustre coating as protection) right after you get proofing of your session!
(Add $50 for each frame if you are not my client but still want to purchase it.)

I'm thrilled you will have the opportunity to display your gorgeous images on these amazing frames! Believe me, they are worth it! 


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